Sciaccarelu is a red wine grape variety that is primarily grown on the Mediterranean island Corsica, where it is often referred to as “wild Pinot Noir.” This wine is known for its deep ruby color, high acidity, and flavors of dark berries, herbs, and spice. When it comes to pairing food with Sciaccarelu, there are The Best Pairings for Corsica’s Hidden Gem: Sciaccarelu

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During my time in the industry we have seen a significant increase in the use of alternative packaging for wine, such as cans, boxes, and various plastic bottles. While some may question the quality of wine packaged in these formats, we believe that alternative packaging has an important role to play in the wine industry. The Importance of Alternative Packaging

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This month we’ve been spending time on the Iberian Peninsula and have honed in on three of our favorites from the far north east of the country in a little region called Emporda. The Emporda region of Spain is producing some truly exceptional wines that are well worth seeking out. Whether you prefer red, white, Staff Picks: Emporda Edicion

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most renowned grape varieties, and for good reason. It produces complex, full-bodied wines with intense flavors and aromas that are appreciated by wine lovers all over the globe. First, the grape variety itself: Cabernet Sauvignon is a thick-skinned grape with a high level of tannins, which contribute to A Quick Guide to Cabernet Sauvignon

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We love shopping for wine and spirits. It’s a big part of why we wanted to open a different kind of wine and spirits store. Finding the “best wine store in New York City” is a personal journey. And until we open our doors, there are some really great wine stores to explore with smart, The Best Wine Shops in New York City 


Argentina is an interesting place to drink wine. There’s an abundance of local productsthat run the gamut of grapes, styles, and price points, but protectionist laws mean thatimports are very, very rare. This is great for local winemakers who only want to sell theirwines at home (up to 75% of Argentine wine is consumed in the country) but bad forthose wishing Where in the World : Will Visits Argentina

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I recently spent a few days eating and drinking my way through Buenos Aires and Mendoza and came away with a few hot takes : For many, Argentine Malbec is a gateway drug to the world of wine. Most malbecs are easily understood, there’s damson plums and violets on the nose with dark fruit and supple tannins Where in the World : Will Visits Argentina : Favorite Bottles