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Italesse x Community Wine and Spirits

We are proud to be the exclusive flagship retailer for Italesse in the Northeast and their first partner in the United States. We are confident these gorgeous stems and barware will find a welcome place in the homes of our Chelsea neighbors. No doubt, word will spread neighborhood by neighborhood.

For over 40 years, the Trieste, Italy-based glassware company Italesse has been producing some of the finest glassware in all of Europe. Precision, style, and finesse are the defining characteristics of the Italesse design.

Like all great Italian design, from Ferrari to the iconic Bialetti and beyond, Italesse is driven to make an expression of art that is never separated from its core role of functionality. And like those greats, they go beyond beauty and function and only truly consider a product ready for market when it arouses emotions through aromatic and tactile sensation. This is art and emotion in a glass, and it’s why Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the most renowned wineries in Europe seek out Italesse glassware.

At Community Wine and Spirits, we are lucky to carry a variety of lines from Italesse.

For the glassware specialists who like to have red and white glass on hand, there are machine and hand-blown options, which we are calling the Montalcino and Gambero, respectively. 

The Montalcino elevates any red and is so expressive that it was named the official glass of the Brunello di Montalcino Consorzio, while the Gambero was designed for the expressive and full-bodied aromatic white wines of the boot and is so perfect it was chosen as the official glass for the highly acclaimed Gambero Rosso organization. For our hand-blown universal glasses, we are pleased to offer the Etoile line. These are light as a feather and thin as a silk web. They are elegant, sinuous, and elevated, perfect for an emotional or even, dare we say, a sensual experience. These are amongst the most refined glasses in the world and are sought after by collectors and great restaurateurs alike.