David Weitzenhoffer – Founder

David is the founder of Community Wine and a long-time wine industry expert. From his restaurant days as Wine Director for Lydia Bastianich to exploring the Italian Peninsula for hidden gems to import for his company Acid Inc Selections, David has always focused on connecting customers with incredible food and drink. Community Wine and Spirits is the culmination of everything he has learned and mirrors his playful but earnest demeanor.

Favorite Wine:
Chateau D’Yqueum ’88 or ’21 (1921 !)

Favorite Wine Region: Piedmont, Italy

Favorite Unexpected Pairing:
Riesling + Spaghetti

Ben Bohen – Beverage Director

Ben is the Beverage Director for Community Wine and Spirits and brings expertise from a decade of working in restaurants and fifteen years of running wine stores. His creative spirit shows through in his approach to running the shop, but it’s Ben’s attention to detail and great taste keeps Community stocked with the good stuff. He’s the reason we always have your favorite wines on hand.  

Favorite Country for Eating and Drinking:

Favorite International Bird Sighting:
Great Green Macaw

Will Farley – Director of Content

Will Farley is the Director of Content for Community Wine and Spirits and approaches his work with a (hopefully) infectious desire to learn and share the most interesting things going on in the world of wine and spirits and beyond. In his time as a journalist, he’s written about everything from travel, whiskey, and wine to motorcycles and Mongolian music. Working in the wine industry for the past six years, Will has said that he’s finally found a subject with no bottom; there’s always more to learn. He always follows this by saying, “but it’s also just a delicious drink to have with your friends, and that’s the best part.”

Favorite Wine Read:
Noble Rot (Magazine)

Favorite Irish Session:
Monday nights at Hartleys

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