The Looking Glass Cubed

The Looking Glass is a custom-built, user-led, immersive installation that transports people to different wine regions around the world in the Studio portion of our store. The Looking Glass Cubed is the outward face of the project, built to showcase digital artists and provide a platform for passersby to interact with the installation in real-time by scanning a QR code and choosing where they would like to travel.

Like everyone else, we have interests beyond wine, and this combination of our wine installation with a new platform allows us to engage more fully with the art-centric community in our beautiful corner of Chelsea. 

Featured Artists

March and April 2024

Cycymymy is a digital design led studio created by the married minds of Cynthia (Cycy) and Myles (Mymy) Bryan in 2021. By combining their collective experience across high visual digital interactive and spatial experiential design, they focus on bringing their offerings to brands by designing with the intent to elevate every project’s creative potential.

Cycymymy is excited to be working with David Weitzenhoffer and the Community Wine and Spirits team to bring a feeling of magic to the storefront by providing the local community of artists a beautiful series of interactive 3D canvases to share their work.

The Flower Project, created by Cynthia and Myles Bryan, transcends traditional art boundaries by utilizing digital art to delve into the nuanced exploration of non-binary genders and the dismantling of societal norms surrounding femininity and masculinity. As a trans and queer couple, Cynthia and Myles Bryan intimately share the transformative journey of transition, akin to the unfolding petals of a flower undergoing an unexpected metamorphosis.

May 2024

SHXPIR is a visionary artist and photographer based in New York, as well as the creator and the artist of FAKE ART. FAKE ART is satire, rebellion, and identity. SHXPIR began making digital art at university fifteen years ago, but his work was met with disdain from older artists and gallerists and criticized for not being ‘real art’ because ‘it can’t be hung on the wall’.

Shxpir sees Meta-verse as a democratic art platform. With the freedom and new frontier of CGI 3D art expression, Phakie was born as the mascot redefining ART. FAKE ART is his answer to those critics, satirizing the seriousness and pretentiousness of the art world. “Art, or what the art world likes to call ‘real art’, has become too obscure”, he says. “It’s a way for rich people to feel good about themselves—if you don’t understand it you’re poor or low class. FAKE ART is for normal people to enjoy. Life is short—loosen up, have fun!”

June 2024

Sarah Ann Banks is a digital artist based in Brooklyn, NY working primarily with 3D animation software. She uses the virtual space to build an expansive world full of fantastical objects and creatures. These creations are born from vintage objects, nature, and her own personal narratives.

Banks develops stories and personalities that overlap between her works, updating with her own interests and daily life. The content ranges from deer with thick pink lashes to mysterious smoking cauldrons.

Banks received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019. Some of her recent clients include Harper’s Bazaar, Urban Decay, Coach, and Nike.